I've made a puppet. "Ask the Reverend" is his vlog.

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I've made a puppet. "Ask the Reverend" is his vlog.

Is this the right forum for posting original creations? How about unoriginal? How about satire? I'm new. I skimmed through the forum descriptions and this seemed the best fit. Please move this thread if I've got it all wrong.

Anyway, I figured I needed a puppet, so I went ahead and made one. No previous experience building puppets. All I did was watch a bunch of videos on puppetmaking and then I got the stuff and put it together and I now introduce to you the Reverend: 

Introduction - skippable.

Episode 1: Atheists.

Episode 2: Design.

Application to the Evil League of Evil - it's a thing.

Episode 3: The Rev Eats It.

This is all done in good fun. And some bitter fun, too. But it's not to be mistaken for something that actually tries to make sense. Please tell me what you think (and feel free to send questions to [email protected] - he's not been getting lots).

Also, I'm sorry if his accent is awful. I'm Swedish. Never even been to the States.