Christian or Contrarian

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Christian or Contrarian

While at work today, I heard folks talking quietly about an email.  They were talking around a topic and I heard mention of the Mayan calendar, 2012, that 'He' would be president at that point, how 'everything lines up if you read it', and so on.  I gathered what the topic was, but chose to read the printed email just to see what slant it had.

This email mentioned all the typical revelation bull and the 40 year old of Muslim descent and antichrist and whatnot.

What all this brought to my mind is that these folks just don't want to agree with anything

I mean on one hand, they want revelation to happen so they can rapture.  On another hand, they don't want this guy to be in office because it will bring it about.  On another hand, they only believe the bibble.  On another hand, they are believing the Mayans.  These same folks comprise a large percentage of the rethuglican voting populous, and they are all up in arms about the potential socialistization of this country while at the same time, they are printing money to bail out all the banks?

It's all so contradictory.  My head hurts.  My shoulders are tense.  I must take more prescriptions than I have ever taken just to not think about this shit.

I hate it.

I know I'm a master of the obvious, but damn I'm tired of this shit.  When does the revolution begin?  I want to photograph it.

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I think you've hit on the

I think you've hit on the crux of what it means to be a Christian.  If you read my thread about Orwellian thinking in Christianity, you saw how Christians jumped in and pretty much proved the point.  Doublethink is necessary to be a Christian.  In fact, it's not only necessary, it's an integral part of the whole doctrine:

  • God loves you, but he'll send you to hell for being the way God made you
  • We have free will, but everything is preordained
  • This life is meaningless except for salvation, but everything you do in this life is under constant scrutiny by God
  • The Jews are God's chosen people, except that they killed God, so they're evil

etc, etc, etc.  Doublethink is what Christianity is about.  You must believe A and not A simultaneously, or  you have no chance of getting into heaven.

Oh... and all those Mayans, and the Illuminati, and the Muslims, and all the other folks... they're evil blasphemers who are going against God's will, but it's all part of his plan... which means they're doing his will... except not, because they have free will... except that they can't do anything that isn't part of the plan....

Ow.... my brain is bleeding...


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