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 Im sure i cant be the only British person on this site, or who is an atheist, so i was wondering if the guy that makes the badges could make a UK one, id love to print off a few copies and hand them out to people unaware of the site. Just an idea, but it'd be much appreciated!

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I second that, and I'm sure

I second that, and I'm sure you're not the only Brit here. I'm typing from London. Maybe I could publicize the squad on my college campus? I'm right next to SOAS so hitting that hub of religion-friendly folk with some atheistic info would be desirable.

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Ummmm.No. You are not the


No. You are not the only 'brits' on here. In fact, I'm beginning to think there are a disparate number of Brits, Canadians, and Australians as compared to americans.

Go ahead and friend this guy on myspace. Perhaps that will draw them out. There has already been a UK badge made:


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anyone seen this

Looks like the brits are getting their act together, which I could be there to see it

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I've got some UK ones made

I've got some UK ones made already (minor change in photoshop, already had the original PSD file), so I uploaded them to my personal webspace and PM'd them the link.

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