Christianity and Orwell

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Christianity and Orwell

I know there aren't many traditional Christians posting on these boards, but I'm wondering about how Christians think of 1984.   There was a particularly Orwellian statement made in another thread, and it got me thinking.  Do Christians even see the parallels between their religion and this book?

Has anybody noticed that it's "common knowledge" that America was founded as a Christian Nation?  It's hard to imagine a more effective and blatant propoganda campaign than the complete revision of history that's been perpetrated by the far right.

Do Christians recognize the doublespeak when they talk about free will?  Do they recognize that defining good in terms of God and defining good in terms of the state is only a difference in words, not content?

Now for the really pointed question.  For the few Christians who do get it -- who do see the parallels -- do they think it's ok because it's their god, and do they really approve of totalitarianism so long as it's for Jesus?


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Hambydammit wrote:I love

Hambydammit wrote:

I love this thread.  Honestly, this makes me so happy I'm giggling like a school girl.  I'm not going to really interject much because things are going very well without me, but I wanted to answer a quick question for Rhad.


P: There is no god.

C: Therefore, ?????

See?  Nothing can be derived from atheism.  In order to reach any conclusion whatsoever, you need another premise.  Since no other premise can be derived from atheism, it is certain that Premise 2 will be derived from something other than atheism.  That means that any conclusion involving atheism must be made in conjunction with another source.

To restate, it is logically impossible for anything to follow from atheism alone.  Any conclusion that derived from atheism as a premise must also contain at least one other premise that is NOT atheism.

EDIT: Or, to put it even more precisely:


Therefore: ?????


Understandable.  Thanks.