Miller-Uray Experiments Yield New Results.....50 years later

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Miller-Uray Experiments Yield New Results.....50 years later

Article Here.

Chew on that, creationists.

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Excellent article I have to

Excellent article I have to say. Creationist and some scientists thought the experiment was a failure, but I find the thought of creating even simple amino acids with such a simple experiment as a success for science. We'll probably never find out how life came to be in the universe, but does not mean we should stop trying and it definitely means god deserves any credit. Thanks for the post.

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The evolution of the

The evolution of the atmosphere, which includes so much earth water, and sun energy, and maybe interacting star dust, is obviously the answer .... But it all boils down too, " I am god as You" by any truth, of any science, of any philosophy, so fuck all dogma theology god/life bull shit make believe religious shit.