Rational Response Squad Badges

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Rational Response Squad Badges

 Hey everyone!! I can't find a single post about it, but I am curious. Where can I get a Rational Response Squad Badge?? You know, like the one on the front page. You know guys, I'm sure there are many who would purchase them. Could go a long way toward paying for the new server!


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How much value would you

How much value would you personally place on one? A membership?

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That would be cool. But not

That would be cool. But not anyone should be able to buy them.Smiling Only users of these forums that have proven to be rational.Eye-wink Otherwise Kent Hovind's son will buy one and wear it around while preaching creationism.Sticking out tongue

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The closest I can get for

The closest I can get for you right now is a badge on a shirt... 




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