I have an idea for a documentary project but that's all I have is the idea. I have no knowledge of the process required to make

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I have an idea for a documentary project but that's all I have is the idea. I have no knowledge of the process required to make

I am convinced that at the core of all religious disagreement is a simple component. Communication. Since the beginning of time man has looked around them and try to understand what is going on around him. Different civilizations at different times have come up with different answers and spent the rest of history killing each other by the millions in petty arguments over who has the “right” answer to that question. They are so blinded by “dogma” that they can’t see the simple truth In front of their eyes---everyone Is trying to describe the same thing.
I’m reminded of the old story about five blind man trying to describe an elephant one man has an ear, one has a leg, one has the tale, one has the trunk and another has a tusk. They all have radically different experiences of the same thing.
Humanity Is at a critical point in his evolution. Our evolution has stalled and we have lost our all-important ability to recognize and integrate new information. What brought this about was the introduction of “dogma”. Dogma by definition is a point of view or tenet put forth as authoritative without adequate grounds“. It assumes that one already knows everything there is to know about “God”. Unfortunately, in any area of knowledge; when a person thinks that they know all of the answers they become incapable of learning anything new. There is always something new that has been discovered as our evolution advances.


The only way to restart the growth cycle is to somehow create a paradigm shift In the majority of the population which will allow them to become, once again, open to taking in new information.
 I propose a documentary or possibly three-part series focusing on and titled “The Evolution of God. It would have to be perfectly factual, unbiased look at how man has, since the beginning of time, tried to understand where he and everything around him came from. Starting with the earliest drawings, art and burial practices it goes through to the present time and the evolution of the several major religions that dominate the world. Looking at all the various forms that man’s ideas about God had taken over history; from Sun gods to Mount Olympus, et cetera.
Recognizing the extreme and even sometimes fanatic intransigence that many people have when it comes to the subject of their belief system, it would be necessary to be very cautious about using trigger words or negative tone that can easily trigger defensiveness. Every effort must be made to create a non threatening atmosphere in which even deeply resistant people would not be offended and could possibly begin to learn or at least acquire some food for thought.
As I said we are at a critical point in our evolution. The cause for that is the increasing intensity of religious fervor which is balanced by an apparent rise in expanding consciousness and a definite migration towards a more spiritual way of looking at the world in other parts of society.
One documentary cannot save the world but I do believe that at this critical time it can be the part of a new awareness that is moving away from the monotheistic, dogma bound religion towards a more truly spiritual way of looking at life. A large part of what is responsible for this new awareness, according to many scientists and theologizes, is a single photograph called “Earthrise”
taken on Christmas Eve 1968, near the end of one of the most tumultuous years the US had ever known, it inspired contemplation of our fragile existence and our place in the cosmos. When we’re able to go into space and look back on the “pale blue dot” as Carl Sagan called it there is an increasing awareness of the earth [Gaia] as a living organism in which we are all only a part [along with geological processes weather systems that also affect evolution] and an organism divided against itself cannot hope to survive.   
There is an axiom In biology that “when growth stops, death begins”. Unless we find a way to reignite the process of evolution we are doomed as a species. You don’t have to be particularly psychic [if you open your eyes] to see that we are on a path of certain self-destruction.
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I agree with the idea. Go

I agree with the idea. Go for it. Every bit of effort at raising awareness and open mindedness is needed. I do have one suggestion, which is that you'll never be able to achieve factual perfection, nor never avoid offending anyone. Trying to achieve these will stifle your creativity. Just go for it. Make it as good as you can, but *make* it. Perfection is the enemy of the good.

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