Debate with a Muslim

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Debate with a Muslim

I only accepted because I got bored with christians. Anyways, he posted a very humorous website, . First off he tried to act like it was his own research, until I called him out for plagiarism. Secondly, it contains almost every fallacy in the book. Like all creationists debates, it starts off with  a false dichotomy, then goes on to include strawman arguements, quote mining and false analogys. Anyways, its basicly the same as a christian debate, so for any of you debaters here, check out the site.

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Interesting. *Heads off to



*Heads off to take a look*

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Wow, the author of that

Wow, the author of that non-stop fun-filled fallacy fest has quite an interesting history...

Apparently he was recently convicted and sentenced to 3 years in prison, although he is appealing. If the conviction is correct he's a really bad person...(see below)

"According to the indictment of the prosecutor’s office, cited by the daily Cumhuriyet, Adnan Oktar and associates raped young women many of whom were under the age of 18 on camera and blackmailed them by threatening to release the sex tapes to their friends and family members. Many of these young women were then forced to entice select young men from wealthy families with the promise of sex in exchange for attending events organised by the BAV (his group in Turkey). The court heard how in turn these girls were formed into a group called of what they referred to as Odalisques and were ordered to videotape their sex sessions with these young men and deliver the tapes to Oktar. [37]"


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Yeah, Adnan Oktar also has a habbit of suing any website that criticisizes him in Turkish court and getting it blocked in Turkey. He is currently working on getting ALL of wikipedia blocked.

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Wow.  Adnan Oktar is

Wow.  Adnan Oktar is fucked.  Super fucked.  And so is Turkey.  Actually blocking and banning websites because Oktar feels personally injured by the content?  I might have been reading fiction, it's so preposterous.

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