Why McCain must lose

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Why McCain must lose

There are a variety of parties in this year’s election but honestly the contest is between two on the national level, Senators Obama and McCain.  Some Atheists tend to withdraw from politics since the contests are between two Christians and the elections tend to have more and more religion focused onto the campaigns.

That is exactly why McCain must lose.  Obama is rather irrelevant.  The subject of religion came as an attack.  First he was labeled a Muslim because of the sound of his name and because, when he was six, his Atheist mother put him in a secular school in a Muslim country.  Second he was targeted for having a preacher who was considered too Black, too “uppity” and not the right brand of Christian.  As a result the Obama campaign had to convince the public he wasn’t a member of the Taliban or the Black Panthers.

On the other hand there is John McCain.  The Republican party got mixed with religion back in the horrid regime of Ronald Reagan.  Reagan defeated the outwardly Evangelical Christian Jimmy Carter due to Reagan’s association with the extreme religious right in the form of the Moral Majority, headed by Jerry Falwell.  Ever since then they have played a large role in Republican politics.

That role seemed to diminish after the Republicans huge defeat in 2006 where Democrats lost no incumbent seats in Congress but took a few away from the most religiously conservative Republicans.  McCain referred to them as “agents of intolerance” back in 2000 and they flocked to Bush who only won the election after being voted in by the conservative members of the Supreme Court.

This year’s election looked pretty dim for the Religious Reich.  They had McCain who supported stem cell research, supported Roe v. Wade, criticized religious extremists in the past, was divorced, and didn’t hate Brown people enough (especially the ones from Mexico).  During the primary the candidate who had the backing of the religious conservatives lost, Mike Huckabee.  With McCain as the choice many decided to stay at home; Obama gained in the polls.

That started to turn around when McCain, who wanted to choose the very devout Jew Joe Lieberman as his Vice President, chose inexperienced Alaskan governor Sarah Palin.  Members of the Reich told McCain he can kiss their support goodbye if he goes with a Jew or a Christian that is able to hold onto his sanity.  So after meeting with her once in person many years ago, and talking to her on the phone for a few minutes he announced Palin as his VP choice.

The story of Palin is known.  She is a Pentecostal from a church that speaks in tongues, has faith healings, believes evolution is a lie, Iraq is a holy war, and gays can be converted to heterosexuality through prayer.  McCain doesn’t need to lose because of Palin, McCain must lose because the religious right still holds influence.

If McCain loses it will show the Religious Reich is impotent in politics.  You can’t get much nutter than Palin and if McCain loses with Palin the GOP either has the choice of going all out nutter (which doesn’t even work in Kansas politics, see Phill Kline), or disregard the Reich and return to the days of Nixon where a candidate was a Christian but didn’t campaign as a Christian.

McCain needs to lose so the political meme that being associated with the Religious Reich will be as useful for the Republicans, as running as an Atheist will be useful for the Democrats.  This can happen in a short time as seen by politics in my own state of Kansas, not known for it’s progressive politics.

It didn’t take long in Kansas to know that if you run on the Board of Education as a creationist you will lose.  Kansas once had a majority of creationists, but after the embarrassment creationists brought upon the state the pro-science candidates quickly got the majority in the next election.  Now the creationists have to hide their views while the pro-science candidates do not.

Abortion was another issue that went silent.  Kansas has a two-term pro-choice governor in a state that has two Republican senators and votes Republican for President.  Both times the governor, Kathleen Sebelius, ran against extremely anti-choice candidates, they lost.  Also losing was the Republican Attorney General, Phill Kline.  Kline barely got into office.  After one term and his sole focus on prosecuting abortion providers the voters threw him out in favor of a pro-choice Attorney General.  Kline got appointed as a District Attorney but lost in the primary to a fellow Republican who was also anti-choice but not as rabidly anti-choice as Kline.  The meme has shifted and touting your religious extremism is costing votes in the Republican state of Kansas.

We see hints of this happening in the Republican Presidential race.  McCain sought out the endorsements of two religious extremists, John Hagee and Rod Parsley.  After it was learned that Hagee adored Hitler and Parsley was a fellow nutter McCain dropped them as he needed to gain support from moderates who don’t take kindly the extremists.  So it leads me to think McCain picked Palin in a moment of desperation seeing that she was religious, anti-choice, associated with oil and female.

McCain didn’t look too deeply into Palin’s religious background, like he didn’t look into Hagee’s.  Palin comes from a church that preaches that Jews deserve the persecution they get for not being Christian.  It doesn’t take much to think they’d justify persecution of Atheists for the same reason.  She fired a librarian for not being friendly towards book banning.  She even preached at her church that a gas pipeline was ordained by God, and her pastor believes the destruction of America will be a good thing because it will bring more people to his church as people flee the destruction.  She believes that if a girl is raped by her father that the real crime is if the girl gets an abortion.  She even preached at her church that the war in Iraq is a holy war and is proud that her son is going to Iraq to fight the infidels.  If she has that much disregard for her son’s life I doubt she’ll have little regard for any other life that is past the fetus stage.

It’s too late for McCain to dump Palin even if it comes out that kills kittens for entertainment (she isn’t fond of cats).  The religious right loves her too much.  Some are even praying for McCain to win and for God to strike him dead so Palin will become President.

McCain must lose, not because Palin is such a nutter who says all the legislation in the world means nothing if we don’t accept Jesus, but because of her backing of the Religious Right.  When they lose it will send a message that voters don’t endorse religious extremism, they don’t support removal of the separation of church and state, and they don’t endorse the social views of dominist preachers.  It will teach the Republicans that if they want to win office they have to appeal to the voters on substantial issues through reason rather than religious, emotional rhetoric, and that being associated with the Reich is a sure fire way to lose an election and will keep them from picking the VP candidate.


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Thanks for writing that. I

Thanks for writing that. I wish there was a god, for if there was, McCain's loose would be guaranteed. So I worry. The past history of our fellow voters is sadly telling. I've always been surprized that republicans get elected, dumb me.