Just like the kings in Europe during the dark ages.

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Just like the kings in Europe during the dark ages.

The American public's severe lack of understanding of the Constitution is making it easy for religious people to force candidates to focus on them.

While the right to peacable assemble is part of the constitution, as it should be it also comes with responsibility. "No religious test" does refer to no forced religious oath to hold office. However the voting public does force a religious test on it's candidates.

The non-Christian community, not just atheists, constantly get the finger flipped of at them by the Christian majority. Why does Rick Warren deserve special consideration? Why are the candidates being forced to discuss issues that should be a private matter to themselves.

Just like kings in Europe could not keep power without consulting the church during the dark ages. McCain and Obama are being put in the same position via the American voting public's religious litmus test. It is contrary to the precept of the Constitution that a person's religion is not that of politics but one of personal concious.

Christians falsely think that they are intitled to monopolize politics, both left and right. We do not see the Candidates in prime time media answering questions from other religions or non-religious people. We rightfully condemn the hold Islam has on politics in other countries so as a society it confounds me that Christians don't see that they are headed down that same road.

When we go and by gass a Christian doesn't get a cheaper gallon because they proclaim Jesus as their savior. A Jew doesn't get cheaper health care because they pray to Elohim. The Constitution IS NOT and never will be a intitlement to Christianity to monopolize politics at the expense of excluding all others from the table.

It is not up to Christians to point this out. It is up to all people who do not hold that label to say to our politicians that there is more than Christianity in this country and we are tired of being ignored.

If we want our voices to be heard, we need to make it clear that although we are not out to opress others, we as non-Christians of all labels, not just atheists, need to remind our politicians that we are not invisable and we can and will compete with our voices.

I am tired of being ignored and I am tired of politicians pretending that Christianity is the only religion in this country. We are not house guests and there is no cross on the American flag. There is no cross on the Capital dome or White House. The Constitution was not ripped out of the bible, or any holy book for that matter. "We the people" means "We the People". It does not mean, "We the Christians while all others are merely house niggers who pay taxes but will never have any hopes of the oval office or Supreme Court".

To all people born in this country, no matter your religion, no matter your race, YOU ARE A CITIZEN and YOU are being ignored by both the Republicans and Democrats unless you believe in Jesus.  People who don't believe in  Jesus, but other gods, or no god,  get a pat on the head and a bed in the guest house.

The White House does not have a sign on the front door, "Non-Christians need not apply". We need to raise our voices.


"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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     How about a bumper


    How about a bumper sticker;

          "If a non-christan U.S.of A. is good enough for George Washington, it's good enough for me!!!!"

    G.Washington wrote those sentiments to a muslim nation while he was President.

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The American founding

The American founding fathers, wise to ills of the ways of old Europe, separated church and state to protect the people from Christianity, not to support it.

Read their words you Xain retarded idol worshipers ....

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    Yes even though I agree with what you just said, I have to wonder about the government building in D.C. with the religious statement on its dome.  My memory fails me and it is too early for my 2 brain cells to function.  Please help.

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There are many ways to read

There are many ways to read the ideas of the founding fathers, and this site can help, as long as one can form a list of who they were.

Use the ABC list here,


You can Google , "who were the founding fathers"

As for specific people, the Founding generation included: Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John and Abigail Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, John Hancock, Thomas Paine, Roger Sherman, John Jay, James Wilson, and Governeur Morris. It would be impossible to construct a list which would be accepted by all historians.