The 6 Raunchiest, Most Depraved Sex Acts (From the Bible)

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That was great! Thanks

That was great! Thanks Smiling

Lyzandra Daria
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Miss this

Abraham was married to his half-sister Sarah (Sarai?).  So Isacc was the product of incest/inbreeding whereas Ishmael was just the son of Sarah's handmaid (slave) and a bastard to boot. 

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Incest and alcoholism of our

Incest and alcoholism of our ancient ancestors .... No wonder so many in the world today are retarded. Heck, who said the bible isn't the perfect word of the all knowing, all powerful, all loving god ? !!! Freewill abusers must be punished, so the god of all almighty created Hell. See, the bible makes perfect sense. Save yourselves, worship thy master ..... He really loves you ....