Atheistic Providence

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Atheistic Providence

One meaning  of providence includes  "taking care or preparation in advance or having foresight." 


As an Atheist I believe that my life is in my hands and I am responsible for what I do with it.

I can either "make life happen" or "life will happen to me.."  With that said why can't there
be an atheistic concept of Providence?




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Atheists have no choice but

Atheists have no choice but to follow your line of thought. I would love to believe there is a sky daddy that knew what was best for me and helped give me strength day to day. I can't remember how many times I have heard that god knows best and doesn't make life more unbearable than you can handle.

I remember the saying, "that god helps those that helps themselves". I guess the theists have some similiar thought about what you are stating as this was the origin of the saying. This is found nowhere in the bible, but perhaps the concept lies within somewhere. Imagine we could all just work toward making things happen in this world instead of wasting time praying for things.

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