You are in an antireligion religion [YOU RESPOND]

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You are in an antireligion religion [YOU RESPOND]

From: [email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2007 4:22 AM
Subject: [General Question] Its not Hatemail

Jay Scaff sent a message using the contact form at

I'm just curious if you have aimed your challenge at other religions around
the world? Specifically the ones that are ruling governments and oppressing
MILLIONS of women and childern. Ones where young girls are their private
parts physically mutilated before they reach puberty. Or the religions
where a womans value is only one third that of a mans? Or the religions in
which women are killed if even being suspected of adultry? In none of your
"challenges" do you address any religion other than Christianity. That
seems a bit odd to me. You all claim to be athiests. In such you don't
belive in God or religion. But you are totally cotradicting yourselves by
claiming atheism. Which is merely an antireligion religion. You are about
as as anarchists. When gathered together, one is always dominate.
Completely negating the theory of anarchy. I am sure that who ever reads
this will laugh and call me names as they finish reading this. I just hope
that it mahes its way to the individuals who started this website. I'm
pretty sure you got the reaction you wanted from a better part of the
public. I'm also pretty sure that you stand to generate some profit from
this mess as well. I just want all parties involved to know that you are
all choosing your path. We were designed with to freewill, however
irrational our thoughts may be, we have a choice. To those of you who have
made your choices, Prayers be with you and may God have mercy on your

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 That was about as lucid

 That was about as lucid and well stated as I've come to expect from people posing such a viewpoint..


You know, though..  if you cleaned the syntax up a bit I bet that could be turned into a pretty well done sonnet.


Oh, and the answer to the question: yes.

If I have gained anything by damning myself, it is that I no longer have anything to fear. - JP Sartre

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Yes, I have.  However,

Yes, I have.  However, since christinality is the predominant religion and the only one that wants to run my life in this country.  It is also the one I am most familiar with due to the culture I have been born into.  Therefore, I tend to focus on christianity.

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If atheism is a religion,

If atheism is a religion, off is a TV channel and bald is a hair color.

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"..........When gathered

"..........When gathered together, one is always dominate. Completely negating the theory of anarchy."


Anarchists gathering does not negate the political theory that is Anarchy. It is much deeper than you think.


"...antireligion religion."


Oh, you are so right. Also, we don't tolerate intolerant people.


"...private parts physically mutilated..."


Damn, those Hare Krishnas are some mean bastards, eh?

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I am condemned to be god,

I am condemned to be god, condemned to be atheist, this was not a choice .....

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Sigh. I'll rephrase your

Sigh. I'll rephrase your points to dig through their peasant language.

Claim 1: Christianity shouldn't be targeted for ridicule in North America because in some areas of the world, some religions are associated with worse things than Christianity is in North America.

Then we shouldn't eat because someone is hungrier somewhere. We shouldn't clean our houses because there's a dirtier house somewhere. Unless you're specifically promoting a humanitarian program, your comparison amounts to empty rhetoric, invoked merely to deflect well-deserved criticism. For it's a fact that religion in North America is associated with the impediment of the social progress I want, and so it must answer for this.

Claim 2: Atheism is just another religion.

Do you really want to call someone out by saying they're as bad as you are? It seems like a weak position.


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I believe, I have faith, I

I believe, I have faith, I am atheist .... and not a bit proud of it, .... It is just what I am, I am god , as you , as all is ONE ....

   Fuck religion , fuck separation, fuck patriotism .... One Earth .... One Eternity ....

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It never ceases to amaze me

It never ceases to amaze me how many times people say the same thing and ask the same questions. We have to keep in mind ourselves that it is not the same person repeating themselves, but different people each time.

Atheism is NOT a religion. We do not have a holy book, we do not recite incantations or prayers. WE DO reject ALL absurd claims, even ones not about religion, but superstition in general. We also reject claims of vampires, Big Foot, and rabbit's feet.

It is just as absurd for us to believe in Santa and we place deity claims in the same category as Santa. The label of the magical claim doesn't change that the claim is nothing more than a naked assertion, just like someone claiming that Thor makes lighting.

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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There'd be plenty of

There'd be plenty of Anti-Muslim activists in the Middle East if they weren't imprisoned or killed for doing so. Fortunately in America we're only hated and threatented by the religious fascists for being atheists.

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