The Honest Truth

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The Honest Truth

 Like many concepts touched by popular religion, I think "truth' has been corrupted into a meaningless buzzword. Or, more accurately, it doesn't share any of its definitions with what religion means when it speaks of it. To paraphrase Nietzsche, in talking about the "problem of Socrates," in "Twilight of The Idols," "truth" simply means whatever you're told it means by whatever authority you've chosen. But truth, I think, is really the construction of tautologies; measuring concepts against concepts; accepting whatever is apparent to us, either abstractly, or through observation. Something either is something, or it is not that thing, given whatever information is available. Religion isn't even in the ballpark with its concept of truth. Its truth is just a bludgeon, a chant of ever-ascending volume, that seems the only solution because it blots out all others with pure bulk. So the question of religious truth is really a red herring; and what's at stake is honesty, the lack of which is what allows religious mythologies to co-exist in any but the most insulated of cultures. Religion bears no factual weight, and is no threat to the apparent truths of the world. What it threatens instead is to bloat an ideology out of proportion with one's ability to perceive the world. It makes you see what you want to, rather than what you know you do.

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Thanks to religion we now

Thanks to religion we now have one word with two opposite meanings.  The first is "truth", the other is religious people's favourite word "Truth", the only difference being the capitalisation.

Organised religion is the ultimate form of blasphemy.
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... the TRUTH is obvious ,

 ... the TRUTH is obvious , religion is

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