Mormon morons.

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Mormon morons.

    I've noticed that God is a dog and wrote to this forum about it.  A reader wrote back that I had made them feel much better about religion with that simple insight.  Well, what's worse is that when I was growing up in the Salt Lake Valley I didn't realize that Mormons were retarded morons.  I always see that they literally are.

*  Maybe you have heard the make believers?

    The people that want you to believe something dumb by unbelievable Jesus or someone     else..... you have to admit they are make believe because they hound you with something to believe that normally seems like a lie. 

    Mormons are make believe.  One of them, Ed Burton, went to my High School and I thought his flat wife was kind of dumb looking.  He doesn't normally socialize and his Mormon friends have it in for me.  The Mormons really have it that it would be fun to be retarded and have a relationship with their sister.  Today, I heard again lot's of sincere B.S. about loving sister at the gym.  

   I've known it's retarded for families to get it on amongst themselves for at least 3 generations and when I was in High School, one of my friends said Burton was that type of dummy.  It's obnoxious to listen to retarded Mormons make hints about sister.  This Mormon S.O.B. Burton really doesn't act right, and what he and the other Mormons have to say about being retarded is stuck-up.  Mormons are so dumb that they don't do anything fun and their idea of a good time is really getting it on with your sister.  Mormons all have stupid minds that are equal to a dog's.   

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Dog,s Rule !!!

   Well we do agree that  Mormons are Morons but to say that DOGS  are their equal , is putting Mormons in a good light !!! A Dog is by FAR......... better than any Mormon that I have ever met .          

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I use to pass thru Utah salt

I use to pass thru Utah salt lake city, and would think , man , these mormon girls are extra horny ....

   In one of my first 70's bands we played this song,    

"I Wanna Be Your Dog!"

The Stooges - better known as , Iggy Pop - I wanna be your dog - 1979 - live clip

I met him at a concert he attended ... he was fucking ripped out of his mind !