About 3 feet.

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About 3 feet.

Recently graduating from Westview High School in Oregon, I noticed something driving by it the other day....this school has a church, on the right of it....on the left of it...and in front of it where kids can go in after school to worship if they wish.

I believe the one on the right is a LDS church, the one on the left is a Japanese Christian type church, and the one in front of it is just your normal christian church

And I thought about Separation of church in state, which at my school...is about 3 feet.

Now I don't really MIND that they're there, it's not like they wait outside our school to give us pamphlets or anything stupid like that, but it's kind of funny that they're taking the law and border lining themselves with it.


And no....the title of this thread is NOT a sex joke.

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About Money,not 3 foot

 Well I don't know the real estate value ,where these (Churches)-building are located ,but just thinking about TAX exempt status for religious buildings,I would think that these IDIOTS are getting a double WHAMMY. A TAX free haven,and a school next door,with a lot of potential for recruitment Was it Steve Miller song that has that lyric --"Clowns to the left of me ,jokers to the right,here I'am stuck in the middle with you".


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