Why do people continue to listen to Oprah?

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Why do people continue to listen to Oprah?

This gentleman was recently on Oprah. I caught five minutes when I was at the gym yesterday. This stuff is unbelievable. This guy is preying upon people who have real problems. Notice that his website is his name and not the name of the suppossed "Techniques and philosophy her proposes." I wonder why no other psychiatrists are endorsing this guy? Where are the RCT's?? Now Oprah's brainwashed audience has a new Dr. Phil!!

When was the last time Oprah had somebody talking about CBT or Motivational Interviewing on her show?? At least something related to mental health that has some scientific validation!!



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They listen to her because

They listen to her because she gives away cars and other good shit.

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People listen to Oprah

People listen to Oprah because they are sad and desperate.

Unless they're at the gym, then they're probably hot, sweaty and short of televisual options.

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I quit watching Oprah when

I quit watching Oprah when she came out against guns.  Course she is too preachy for me too.

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Oprah is worthless just like

Oprah is worthless just like every other over-hyped American celeb...


People ask why I hate Oprah....It is an odd reason but really pisses me off...


When she has a Dr or someone on she is well spoken and does the interview and all...


If she has a Black person on it is always, "Giiiiiirl I havent seen you in soooo..long..shooot...Umm"  it is just stereotyped and cliche.


Just something odd that bothers me, be yourself, and def dont put out an image that endoreses a stereotype that in other circimstances you would be fighting against....



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Brianweiss.com is just a

Brianweiss.com is just a little too close to Brain Wash.com for my liking

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Why do people actually watch the Oprah Info-commerials.........

....where, guests and corporations such as film studio's, publishing houses etc, pay serious amounts of dollars to appear?

There are only two things which separate the Oprah Show from a late night info-commercial.  Namely the time slot and her customer's pay an absolutely enormous endorsement fee.

As for the audience; the size is proportional to the combined levels of lack of morality, self immolated ignorance and gullibility.  A captive audience of sitting ducks who are paid to attend.  Their fervour and lust lies squarely on an ensuing feeding frenzy, where their immorality is for all to see but for themselves. 

Each and every member if the audience fails to recognise that their immorality is reflected by their despicable selfishness in accepting gifts/charity/audience fee. 

The Obama endorsement was worth millions to her and the Obama campaign relied squarely upon the ignorannce, racial preference and immorality of its voters. 

If only, an Objectivist could have the same platform, however even the smallest amount of integrity can not be sold to those who do not value it enough to demand it.

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Boon Docks wrote:I quit

Boon Docks wrote:

I quit watching Oprah when she came out against guns.  Course she is too preachy for me too.

I used to admire her untill she quipped at lawyers when being asked to surve on a jury(sumerizing) but basically she said that she would serve on the jury as long as it didnt take to long?

WHAT THE FUCK? If you are going to judge someone and take their freedom away, why would time be of more concern than getting it right?

Apparently her business is more important than the Constitution and due process. I guess people are intitled to due process as long as it is on her lunch break.

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People listen to Oprah

People listen to Oprah because she gives them hope. She shows them that you can be fat, ugly, stupid, incredulous, and successful; the ideal American.

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