Speaking of the FDLS...

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Speaking of the FDLS...

Just in case you thought these guys might be getting a raw deal what with the recent crackdown and removal of children from their compound, check out this creepy shit:




Nobody I know was brainwashed into being an atheist.

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 Yeaaaaaggghhhh! Oh man.

 Yeaaaaaggghhhh! Oh man. That was worse than goatse.

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Dammit!That's going to make


That's going to make my normal bedtime routine a lot more difficult.  Thanks a lot.



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I hope that fuck's getting

I hope that fuck's getting pounded up the ass right now.

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MattShizzle wrote:I hope

MattShizzle wrote:

I hope that fuck's getting pounded up the ass right now.

Yes. By multiple partners.

I need some *serious* brain soap.

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OH man, those photos remind

OH man, those photos remind me of some mid 1800 tin0type photos my mom has in her lock box. They married SO young back then.

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Yahweh raped a

Yahweh raped a pre-teen/young teenager.

I guess they're just following in the footsteps of their Heavenly Father.

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geirj on the FDLS


    I have two daughters,   age    29   &27  ,   and that useless bastard is lucky I can't get my hands on his face.

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