can you help?

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can you help?

Im in a debate with a catholic friend, his whole argument basically hinges on the catholic church is complete truth etc, so i was wondering can anyone help me find out how many people have actually been killed by the catholic church over the centuries? coz i know recently scholars agreed that the inquisition did not really kill millions and that was just protestant propaganda but it did kill thousands. Im having difficulty finding what i need coz a lot of the resources on the catholic church are from a protestant perspective i.e. saying its the whore of babylon etc. but i want secular resources, mainstream scholars that tell the true death toll of the catholic church. Also can anyone point me to resourcrs that tell me what mainstream scholars view on catholic claims such as popes going all the way back to Peter, peter being in rome etc, because my friend claims that mainstream secular scholars agree with alot of catholic claims and according to him that makes the catholic church true, can anyone help me?