Which Biblical Author Would You Want to Meet?

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Which Biblical Author Would You Want to Meet?

This thread it pretty self explanatory.  Out of all the authors of the various books of the Bible (assuming each only had one, respectively, although this is hotly debated), which one would you like to meet?  Why? 

Consequently, which Biblical author would you like to have stoned to death?

This is just for fun.

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Definitely John. I'd love to

Definitely John. I'd love to ply him full of LSD and see if he can write that long-awaited sequel to Revelations.

Stone to death? Wouldn't eternal life be worse? I used to have nightmares in which I discovered I was never going to die... terrible nightmares. I'm not kidding.

Hmm... maybe we could reincarnate the writer of Leviticus as a child and leave him with the Vatican. Nah, that would be too cruel. No child deserves to be forcibly sodomized.



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I'd like to meet Luke

I'd like to meet Luke because I consider him the greatest writer of Sci-Fi in the entire bible. From the beginning of his book he creates a story of unbelievable possibility. He has angels appearing to announce births, unborn babies jumping for joy at the mother of the Messiah, travel to a census that wasn't required, and he incorporated Mithra into the birth of Jesus. That's just the 1st chapter and a half. He gets even worse as he goes along. I'd like him to point out the hill near Nazareth where Jesus' was nearly thrown off, as there doesn't seem to be one anywhere near the area. He ends it with the ghost of Jesus past walking on roads and having dinner.

He also probably wrote the Book of Acts. I'm just curious if he used index cards or the equivalent and he lost half of them mid way as I have never read such a disorganized book like it. He tells Paul's conversion story 3 ways. He screws up the Paul arrest and detention by the Romans in Jerusalem. He first says Paul tells the guards he is a Roman so he won't be beat and not more than 5 verses later he writes that the Roman commander had saved Paul from the stoning mob because he knew him to be a Roman. What audacity for an author. He assumed only short term memory people would read his tripe.

I'd like to nominate John the writer of Revelation to be stoned to death. He clearly was insane and deserves to die for the terrible Sci-Fi writing. Only an ignorant savage would believe any of the complete shit he wrote. Stars falling to Earth, strange creatures praising Yahweh 24/7. I can imagine how God would feel to have multi winged creatures constantly saying the same thing over and over forever. I'd have created man too, just for the entertainment value. John also deserves the blame for all the B movies that have been inspired by his crap book of Revelation. If he hadn't written that piece of trash then there wouldn't have been the poorly written book series called the Left Behind either.

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Assuming this fantasy has

Assuming this fantasy has some compensation for language, any of the Hebrew Testament authors would be fun to interrogate oops I mean interview.


I'm not sure I have it in me to stone anyone to death, but if I do, I'd like it to be Saul of Tarsus.  I read the Bible for the first time when I was pretty young, and he struck me as the desperate used car salesman type.  Some down in the dumps preacher ruined the world with a stroke of genius that is selling forgiveness to the god fearing.  This is a modern equivolent to selling Shannon Tweed flicks to fourteen year olds.  Luckily, circle jerking teens didn't grow in power and halt scientific progress in favor of masterbatory dogma for a full millenium.

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I choose...Any Im not

I choose...



Im not really picky

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Actually I would like to

Actually I would like to meet them all, shake their hands, thank them for their contributions to humanity....  and then throw them in a hole and bury them alive.

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Huh. Oddly enough, Rook....

...I can't think of a Biblical author I'd like to meet.


Stoning, however, is easy: Moses.  It would be revenge for everything that's happened to gay people since Leviticus was written.