Burying statues for profit

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Burying statues for profit

How many of you have heard this nonsense about how burying a statue of St Joseph upside down is supposed to help you if you are selling real estate? Seriously, what the fuck??? With as irrational and stupid as it seems so many people are here in the US, how long do you think it will be before we're a 3rd world country? I don't even think I could make something up this fucking stupid!

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An atheist co-worker and one

An atheist co-worker and one of our atheist customers were talking about this back in October...my co-worker had  her house up on the market for 2 months and no offers. The customer brought in a dirt-caked st joseph and told her that she should bury it in her front yard, upside-down...she sold her house 2 weeks after that. LOL

We laughed and laughed about it after she shared the news of the sale, not a typical reaction to selling a home, but couldn't hold in the giggles when she shared that she dropped her price the same day she buried ole st joe  Sticking out tongue

She did let us hang for a bit by stating that the sale made her a believer....



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