Relay For Life

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Relay For Life

This is the CT Valley Atheists, and they are participating in my community's local Relay For Life to raise money for the American Cancer Society. I'm not on this team, but I am part of this Relay (I'm the captain of another team).


The mission of Connecticut Valley Atheists is to promote to the public a positive perception of Atheists and Atheism. CVA intends to accomplish this through community activities, charitable works, and sponsorship of educational events which demonstrate that Atheism is an ethical and meaningful way of life. We intend to seek out and encourage like-minded people to join us and contribute to our efforts.


I'm not asking for donations, as I don't feel right to do such a thing on a public forum like this. This is simply for informational purposes. If you would like to make a donation, I'm sure they'd love it, but this is in no way a solicitation attempt. I cannot make that any clearer.


I think they're doing pretty good. Laughing out loud

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I like it. Team, Relay.

I like it.  "Team, Relay".  How can we Atheists get equal TV time with the evangelists ?

 Call Bill Gates? Yeah .... Who else? , who are the rich atheists?  I want to call them ....

              I wanna see and help do some real ass kicking .....  

  ummmm .... NOW on TV , me and ROOK , and two of them , watch them squirm !   

    Imagine the A team !  Fuck yeah, no contest, so when does the game begin? .... Sue the mafia FCC .......      CONPIRACY