The truth behind and between the lines

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The truth behind and between the lines

Hi fellow rationals,

My particular interest in the No god debate is in the lack of truth's in which people choose to believe.

After a fruitless debate with a theist to illustrate the inherent problems with ALL written works, I created a blog - [content deleted] and an a follow up blog to point out the assumptions that must be made to comprehend any story [content deleted]

I hope you enjoy,

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My particular interest in the No god debate is in the lack of tr


(I'm the noob around the block, have mercy but a good time Eye-wink


Imo, It is not the lack of truth, is is the usage of ocams razor to get to the (preferred) truth from all possibilities possible.

and God, after all and down the line is just one in  a domain of infinity, that also can contain zero, if all other possibilities turn out to be false.


Truth be told, we have no Earthly idea what could happen to be true, or what the bigger picture could look like,

It can be that the most positive and beautiful image of (That we can come up with.)  of what will be, is as an black and white picture among a collection of color pictures. that one keeps around for old times sake.,

 In spite of what people on soapboxes renamed to altars, claim.