"Religious Education" - Ultimate Oxymoron + Armageddon

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"Religious Education" - Ultimate Oxymoron + Armageddon

Hello guys,

Long time, no post. I've been lurking a lot, though. I prefer to read these virtual discussions rather than taking part. The opposite in real-life debates. Anyway,  to the issue at hand:

Today, at school, I was told the most disturbing story I'm ever likely to hear. I'm currently in my last 10-or-so days in school right now. I begin my study leave at the end of the first week of May. Since I'm in 6th Year, I only have 3 subjects, and 6 periods a day. That means I have 3 hours of "private study". As we are in the last few days, the supervisors are more lenient towards discussions.  Usually they are  quite enjoyable, and everyone learns something new.  However, this time, I was literally shaking. And with good reason:

I learnt the shocking truth behind the Apocalypse. This truth is undeniable, and I hope you see my point of view. Anyone with any sense will see this immediately. I learned that Javier Solana, the head of the E.U., is in fact the Devil or a facilitator in the Devil's work. The Apocalypse is immanent.




This story is utter bullshit. However, what scares me is that the woman who was telling me this is an R.E. teacher. She is trusted with impressionable children in a country where the subject is compulsory until Fourth Year.

From my own experience, I knew that this particular teacher is bad - a real fruitcake. Among the stories she used to tell us were witnessing multiple possessions - one of her husband being possessed in his sleep (his eyes turned to that of a goat), one of a friend who attended a seance the night before, and one of a pupil (she almost hit the pupil to remove the evil spirit). She also claims to have been a P.E. teacher, a Biology teacher (impossible - she'd accept evolution if that were the case), and an English teacher before becoming an R.E. teacher. In this country, that means she'd have to have 4 degrees each taking at least 3 years to complete. She sees angels on a regular basis. Some of her pupils have angels flying above their heads.

This disturbs we greatly. I remember the time I spent in her class back when I was a Catholic. A class that sticks out in my mind was when she showed the video "The Quest For The Lost Ark" as pure fact. I didn't realise at the time that the production was a complete forgery, but it was one of the moments when I thought none of it made sense. I mean, the "definitive proof" - the photo of the ark - they showed was literally 32x32 pixels. Utter rubbish. Yet 10% swallowed it, and would swear on the existence of the ark to this day, based on that video.

This is what worries me about this situation.


To Armageddon, now. I visited two sites devoted to the theory of the E.U. confederacy provoking the rise of evil in the world: www.watchmanbiblestudy.com/Topics/JavierSolana.htm and www.hiddencodes.com/javier-solana.htm. The article she passed around was called "The Rise of Javier Solana". I found a link to the Google cache of the introduction:


"The Rise of Javier Solana

No matter your view on end-times Bible prophecy, you must admit watching Javier Solana rise from being an unknown official in Spain to become the single voice of the new, unified Europe has been fascinating beyond words.

And according to this report, that's what it appears Solana is scheduled to become when his term as EU High Representative expires this November Read about it here. High Representative Solana, who is also Secretary General of the Council of Europe and Secretary General of the 10-nation Western European Union, will be made vice-president of the European Commission and given power to act alone in external affairs.

Like I said, this has been quite a trip. I've been watching Solana since his sudden appearance among the 10 Brussels Treaty Powers back in 1999. My reason for doing this was because all the old Bible prophecy scholars said in the end-times someone would rise to power among a 10 nation confederacy in Western Europe. So when I saw it happen, I naturally took notice.

Then I watched as the 10-nation alliance, under Solana's leadership, made themselves the military wing of the EU by moving their command structures in the Council in 2000. And if that wasn't enough, I witnessed how they did it by implementing their Assembly Recommendation 666.

Now I believe we may be witnessing the final moves in a brilliantly played chess game. If Solana is given the new Foreign Minister job called for in the new Constitution this November, he will be in a position of power along side those 10 Brussels Treaty Powers to dominate the EU's foreign policy for years to come.

Friends, we are warned. If Solana is given these powers over the new, reunified Europe, his historical rise will be, in two places, directly connected with the number in prophecy -- 666. 

I'm sorry to be the one to tell you."



Basically, the main points she made were:

  • Solana's name signifies the devil
  • The E.U. HQ looks like a tower of Babel
  • Europa riding the beast (an E.U. crest) signifies the false worship of idols (I thought this was clutching at straws)
  • Seat 666 in the E.U. parliament is vacant
  • The E.U. is a revived Roman Empire
  • The document drafting him into power was numbered 666
  • Other stuff that I can't quite recall.

Anyway, this is clearly ridiculous. I feel I need not say more.

Feel free to discuss.

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  What country do you attend school in?   That R.E. teacher seems to have schizophrenia or at the very least Mendachia.   These are mental disorders signified by blatent lies and flights of fantasy.  It should be reported to police or mental health officers.

   There is a big difference between religious vigor and mental dilusions,  and they should not be allowed to teach anyone.

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WTF is RE? This is a typical

WTF is RE? This is a typical fundie idea. Other candidates include the Pope, The Secretary General of the UN and GeorgeWBush


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Quote:No matter your view on


No matter your view on end-times Bible prophecy, you must admit watching Javier Solana rise from being an unknown official in Spain to become the single voice of the new, unified Europe has been fascinating beyond words.

Oh Dear, it's Nicolae Carpathia from Left Behind.

wiki entry wrote:

Nicolae Jetty Carpathia is a fictional character and the primary antagonist in the Left Behind book series written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. Carpathia is the leader of a world government known as the Global Community. He is secretly the Antichrist and will one day attempt to marshal Community forces against the followers of Jesus Christ.


At the age of 24, Carpathia stepped into the political scene as a junior senator in the lower house of the Romanian Parliament. Falling victim to Fortunato's blackmail, the President of Romania soon resigned in favor of Carpathia, with the unanimous support of that country's parliament. Shortly thereafter, in the chaos following the Rapture, Carpathia was appointed United Nations Secretary-General. Throughout his swift rise to global prominence, he feigned humility, saying he wished only to serve and denying that he ever sought power. Carpathia quickly began effecting changes to the U.N., converting it into the Global Community, and appointing himself G.C. Supreme Potentate. Eventually after World War III, he became a dictator, while still portraying himself as a peace-loving, benevolent pacifist.


kryters wrote:

...what scares me is that the woman who was telling me this is an R.E. teacher. She is trusted with impressionable children in a country where the subject is compulsory until Fourth Year.

Poor kids, that just sucks. 

Woah! hang on, the subject is compulsory? WTF!?

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