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Faith Verification Systems Inc.

The Bible tells our external destiny with our Lord Jesus Christ depends on faith. An unshakable Faith without any doubt. You want to believe with all your mind, heart and soul and know you are going to spend eternity in heaven. But how can you be sure your faith is good enough to get you inside the Pearly Gates? Doubts will occasionally pop into your head. You hear an atheist arguments and you have no response except to begin to doubt. You pray, attend church and study your bible, but still Satan produces those occasion doubts. You worry about your children and loved ones having enough Faith to please the Lord. Heaven wouldn't be Heaven if your child was tortured in Hell.

At Faith Verification Systems Inc., we understand, we have the solutions to remove all doubt and provide you with absolute Faith guaranteed to please the Lord. Through the miracle of modern science, we can now accurately measure the strength of anyone's faith. Our patented MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Faithing BrainScans(Fing BS) can detect truth or lies with 99.98% accuracy. While in our comfortable brain scan chamber, you be asked a series of question about the core elements of your faith. We will take through the bible and determine if you have any doubt about any of God's miracles occurring.

The Faith Brain activity maps can reveal even the subconscious doubts you may have. These Faith scan results are then examined by our team of highly trained engineers, doctors, theologians and Pastors. When we find any area of doubt in your brain, we generate a Faith Therapy plan to correct those doubts and save your soul from the eternal flames of Hell. Catholics can instantly confess sins of doubt to our Priest and have them forgiven within seconds.

We have several different therapy programs to get you back on the narrow path. Our sensory deprivation program, our virtual tours of Heaven and Hell using the latest virtual reality technology that literally scare the Hell and doubt out of you, our exclusive non-scarring electroshock therapy and the less painful, more popular drug therapy program. We guarantee one of our programs will work for you and God's judgement. All our past customers have reported dramatic decrease in doubt. Pastors love us too, because believers who have been thought our program have on average tripled their weekly donations.

Come in for our free, Book of Genesis Faith Exam. In one day we can remove any doubts you may have about the origin of the universe. You have nothing to loose and your external security to gain. You and your loved ones can't afford to let any doubt cause you to miss out on Heaven. Credit plans available, all major credit cards accepted.


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