Music of Dan Barker

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Music of Dan Barker

Who all has heard the Music from Dan Barker? He is very good at writing  and playing/singing atheist music (he is a former Fundie minister and wrote plenty of Christian music - which is still played and he still gets royalties from - even though he asked years ago for them to stop using it - oh well the money goes toward the FFRF!)

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We've all been posting in

We've all been posting in the Most Controversial thread for a couple days now, so hopefully nobody will want my balls on a platter for this, but I have to say Dan and his wife are huge fucking nerds.  It's not that I don't appreciate what they do and for that matter, they run a nice little show--I've listened to it enough to form my opinion.  But they're the Jack and Rexella Van Impe of the Atheist movement.  If you listen to their interview with Harris, you can actually hear the "fucking Christ when is this thing going to be over" in Sam's voice--especially when they start quoting articles from The Onion to the poor man.

They remind me of nothing so much as the kid up the street's parents, who are really nice and liberal and wealthy and won't let anybody play with a stick.

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