some ideas to the rational response squad

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some ideas to the rational response squad

-I saw the news how you pwned the christians by making them admit that faith proves absolutely nothing.But here are few more steps. First of - ask form all the islam fanatics that would they like it if some crazy organization starts blowing up muslims in the name of flying spaghetti monster and call it a holy war ? And if not , why so ? Doest the pastafarians have faith in there that makes them right ? How do the pastafarian "holy war" be any different ? But what if pastafarians get to go to heaven when they become martyrs ?


-Second - Ask islamists/christians , if theyr god is all powerful ? Then ask is he everywhere and all the time ? Then ask does he know all the answers to all the riddles in the universe ? And does he know every single thought in my head , no matter how well i hide them ? So if he says "yes" to these questions , then ask them why does the god then needs to test us if he already knows all the answers ? Because when he does need to test us , it means he doesnt know all the answers and that means he then isnt all powerful and everywhere!


-Same with praying , if god is everywhere he should hear all of my thoughts right ? Woulnt that make all of my thoughts a prays no matter where or how i have them ? And remember : if god made us that way , he must understand us that way as we are.No matter what i do.Because only god knows why he made me and why i do what i do!Its not my fault that i am what i am anyway , so blame god if he made me imperfect!



-and last of all -- be cool Laughing out loud (thats an order!)

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The podcast featuring the

The podcast featuring the discussion with Ergun Caner covered this ground and more.


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