The works of Robert G Ingersoll books

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The works of Robert G Ingersoll books

I know I haven't been here in forever and a day.  Sorry about that, I joined a local atheist group that has weekly get together meetings that I take my daughter to (who has made her momma so proud when she announced she was now an atheist) so I've been getting my atheist activist fix.


So anyway, I won in an atheist raffle the first five volumes of The Works of Robert G Ingersoll Dresden Memorial Edition.  I was wondering if any of you know if I got a cool little treasure here.  All five have the original paper dust jackets, though none of them is fully intact.  The books themselves are almost mint condition.  The copywrite lists 1900 and the publisher as The Ingersoll League.  The first volume has an extra set of pages that the other four don't, one side has a picture of Ingersoll and the other side has a inscription stating this:

This copy of the Dresden Memorial Edition of the works of Robert G Ingersoll has been specially prepared by the ingersoll league for its founder subscribers and this set for     (I can't read the name because i can't figure out some of the letters in this old fashion script)

Are these anything special?  I just started reading the first one and I'm already hooked on what this guy has to say.  I love when he talks about what exactly the devil did that was so bad, since the devil of the bible never did any actual evil, save for Lot, and that was a dare by god, so really doesn't count.  And it was the devil that gave us our knowledge in the first place.  Gonna use that in my arguments from now on.

So anyway, if you know anything about these works I would really appreciate the info,




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Ingersoll was awesome! I

Ingersoll was awesome! I have a bunch of his works - not that particular one. You will be surprised how seriously he PWNED Christianity back in the 19th Century - and in a hilarious way most of the time. Some Mistakes of Moses is among the best.

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