Brand New Unforgivable Sin

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Brand New Unforgivable Sin

The almightly hath talketh teh meh!

and his divine words are thus...


"Behold ye stupid mortals, in lue of your incompitence, i am ascribing a new... yet... unforgivable sin, upon ye!

No longer will those who blaspheme my name and very existence, fear my eternal wrath...

Followers of my glory, who fail to intelligently prove my existence to any non-believer... shalt hence forth be damned for all eternity, for being incapable of defending their beloved god, and their very beliefs of existence. I frown upon your feeble mental decrepitude with... uh... beer volcanos!!!1!... wait wait, no... wrong scripture.

Alright, listen here you stupid little peons, i'm a busy fuckin deity, i dont have time to deal with, and convert non-believers... So from now on, if any of you lil bastards fail to defend me intelligently, im gonna smite your ass all over that cloud basin before tossin you off to Big Red. Now be off minions... daddy needs his quite time with his virgins."


God has spoken through me, his words are ever wise

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Save us?

Jacob Cordingley
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Wow, there's quite a few

Wow, there's quite a few going to hell on my account.

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Every theist whose ever come

Every theist whose ever come here is going to hell.