Different kinds of error

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Different kinds of error

I remember Richard Dawkins saying that the Bible's claim of Earth being about 6,000 years old is equivalent in error to saying that New York and LA are 21 inches (?) apart (may be wrong on exact distance, but it was some absurd distance.) I see a big difference there - if someone were to write a Geography textbook that said New York and LA were 21 inches apart, they would at best be laughed and and considered insane - and literally no School District on Earth would even consider using it in a class (except possibly as an example of extremely bad science.) On the other hand, someone can and has written textboooks claiming that the Genesis account is correct - and have the books actually taken seriously and used in classrooms (at least until the courts sensibly have them removed.) It just strikes me as another example of the stranglehold Christianity has on the US. Can you even imagine the Flying Spaghetti Monster story being taught as fact in a Science class? The teacher would likely refuse to teach it and whoever authorized it would be fired or removed.

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Or imagine if a school

Or imagine if a school wanted to teach that a cobra gave birth to the world and it's carried on the back of elephants. Just another example of blind faith and hypocrisy. Christians will laugh at thousands of equally absurd myths, but never give second thought to the fact that snakes and donkeys talk, and their made from dirt.Or ribs.

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This is getting redudnant. My patience with the unteachable[atheists] is limited.

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