The Free Ride Religion gets in schools

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The Free Ride Religion gets in schools

My junior year in high school I happened to come across group of teachers

ranging from Jews, Christians and Atheists.


While the people of faith clearly expressed what they held to be as an absolute truth of life and the universe in class, I couldn't help but notice how the teachers with no belief in any fictional characters kept it to themselves and seldom spoke about anything related to it

[which is good, separation of church and state]


One day, I walked into my English class wearing my Bad Religion T-Shirt

with the cross being crossed out. My teacher took me outside and told me to go to take off my shirt or turn it inside out because she found it offensive. I then in turn told her that there was nothing offensive about displaying opposition towards torture devices and that nobody ever complained about her wearing a cross around her neck which to me was offensive because it symbolized the glorification of death.


After our little "discussion" I found myself in the principal's office

and I explained the situation to the her. she asked me to turn my shirt inside out and since I really had to pee I did but then flipped it back at lunch.


that was incident Numero 1.


My sophomore year I got a referral and detention for

saying Jesus Christ out loud in class

according to my math teacher

my crime was

"Using the lord's name in vain."

I again decided to reply to these stupidities

by telling him that all I was doing was what he continously

told every other class I wasn't in which was to look for Jesus

and maybe if I did he'd come back from wherever the heck he was.


Although these situations are small and childish it shows how religion does indeed get a free ride as Professor Dawkins says.

It is babied by institutions that feel as if they have to protect those

that are already protected in numbers but leaves any person of reasonable common sense out to be mauled by the dogs which wait rabidly for any blunder on your part. You even have teachers singling you out in class but then when they are embarrassingly beat in an argument they take out the "offended" card and we get labeled as "extremists". It's ridiculous that situations like this still go on today.

And as to ID being taught in classes?

oh man...let's not even start



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I only went to private

I only went to private christian schools. No comment.

But ya..I don't live in America, but from what I hear public schools can be little more than churches. You pretty much have to accept you're in the minority, and no amount of separation of church and state will change that. Obviously I'm not saying don't do anything. I admire your efforts to get separation, and by all means you should continue to do so, provided it's in a peaceful and law abiding way. Taking the lord's name in vain? It's disgusting you got punished for that.No way is that in the school rule book. What if you had taken Zeus' or FSM's name in vain? Nobody would care. If they want religion in school, they should give equal time to each one.

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This is getting redudnant. My patience with the unteachable[atheists] is limited.

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