A argument to throw upon the pile.

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A argument to throw upon the pile.

I've formed what I think is a decent argument, but I'll let you folks evaluate it to confirm.

First off, I examined the the problem of evil argument made by Epicurus in 33 AD and I saw that many of the scenarios that arise there are only those 4  same options. With further evaluation, I've come to the conclusion that any decision made by a supposed god after the first decision( to create everything ), then god is either incapable or merging all decisions into one, unwilling to, or does not know how to. In short, an all-powerful, all-intelligent god need not make revisions. There is always the option that god doesn't exist, but I find that both scenarios of god existing in the only sense that is logical, and not existing achieve the same results.

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 It makes sense in a kind

 It makes sense in a kind of mathematical way that if you throw the God variable into an argument, it can always be eliminated, since the dynamics of most situations don't really demand an extra variable that essentially does nothing.

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