Strategies used by leaders of the superstitious

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Strategies used by leaders of the superstitious

It is appears to me that there is a strategy being executed by the well funded 'leaders of the faithful' to undermine skeptical thinking. This is understandable as their hegemonious positions are clearly threatened by rational argument - such as those exposed by high-profile individuals like Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris and Dennet. I think it would be a valuable excersise to throw some light on their tactics. The purpose of this thread is to open a dialogue that can give rationalists a window into their tactics (but NOT our response).

So far. they are failing but, their strategy will evolve and we need, in turn, to evolve our immunity. The difficulty here is that we need to understand what tools they are using in advance without giving way our response.

Please feel free to add any ideas about this on this thread.