An idea, The Atheist's Bible

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An idea, The Atheist's Bible

I was sitting around reading through the skeptics annotated bible and that website truely is a treasure chest of information.  After realizing even more how insanely absurd the bible is I thought of a good project for some us to get involved in.  If there is a book or project like this let me know.  Here is my idea.  The bible is so absurd it seems that it has the power to destroy itself with no science even involved.  All that seems needed is a semi-rational moral person to realize these absurd things.   This book with all of these things out I think would be a great thing for Atheist's to carry when ever they get into a heated debate with a Christian.  This may sound crazy but it seems most Christians wouldnt be Christians at all if they actually read the Bible and ignored the brutality of it.  Anyway its an idea.  It could have sections just like the skeptics annotated Bible and another main section of fundamental questions like "Does it not say that the Christian God is without fault and all knowing?" Then provide countless contradictions to the question.  If anyone would be interested in helping with such a project let me know and we'll collaborate some on the idea. We could call it, jokingly of course, "The Atheist's Bible". 

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I like it

Sounds like a great idea to me.  It could have books like:

1. Quotes (like the quotes we have at the bottom of our replies)

2. Questions and Responses (like your "Does it not say that the Christian God is without fault and all knowing?", with responses)

3. Anti - Christian evidence/explanation

4. Anti - Muslim evidence/explanation

5. Anti - Hindu evidence/explanation . . . etc.

6. Athiests (list of famous/notable Athiests in history)


I'll bet most of this work could be done by cutting and pasting and citing sources (when appropriate)

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 I'm trying to get a rough


I'm trying to get a rough outline together and adding some to each section to see how it will look.  When thinking about these things lets think non-science, the theme of the book I think should show how Christianity can destroy itself. I added a personal experience which really pissed me off when i did go to church a long time ago.   I also put a few starter example questions in some sections to see how this thing will work.  Maybe by pumping their minds with questions that they know damn well dont make any sense that they will start reading it more and figure out how bad it really is.  As for the extremeists who do know the horrible things and really believe that is the right thing to do, I suppose they are a lost cause. 


If you would like to see something specific added to a section please post.  I think this would be a good project for all of us to get into to give to the Atheist community.  If you have other ideas for other sections please post. 



            Personal Experiences

                    1. A preacher once said “There are some very moral people who are in hell.”

            Questions asked by Christians (non-science only)


            Questions to ask Christians(non-science only)


            Faults with the Christian God


Does Christianity not say god is without fault, cannot make mistakes, and is all knowing? Christian Answer “Yes” Add bible references to confirm his all knowing all powerfulness.

1. Then why did he have to destroy his own creation one time with the great flood?  This  

     constitutes a mistake on his part.

2.  Why did he not know that Adam would betray him? 

3.  If the Bible says one thing but our observations of the world are clearly something else then why did God cause this confusion.  Is the cause of confusion the devil and not God?

   Provide examples here minimal science to keep with the theme of the book.

4.  If he is all knowing then why would he be cruel and make souls to suffer in eternal torment.

5. A god cannot be all knowing and give us free will.  If he knows what we are going to do then that is not free will. 



            Faults with Jesus

            Breakdown of New and Old Testaments ( regarding various cruelties  

towards women, unbelievers etc)





Doubt is the root of all wisdom. - Unknown

Knowing will come from the practice of understanding - Myself

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I figured there already was one. I have been looking around for ever for it. The web site the skeptics annotated bible could easily pull it off, all they would really need to do was print it. I actually bought a bible and started to annotate it myself with help of that site.

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If you would like to post

If you would like to post some of the things you see as most important from you studies please post them and any other ideas.  If enough of us worked on this it would be something valuable to give to the community. 

Doubt is the root of all wisdom. - Unknown

Knowing will come from the practice of understanding - Myself

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Very strange

It's kinda strange, the timing.

Last night as I was posting a reply to a Christian here, I thought, "How cool would it be to have an Atheist Bible Study?" I figured it'd consist of a forum with sub-forums for each book of the Bible, and then forum topics covering each chapter. Then people could pop in and out and talk about the different Christian meanings, or the various logical or philosophical or historical flaws, or even the history of each chapter. I thought, "That'd be a great resource!"

And then I thought, "How stupid is that?"

I like the ideas floating here much better. Sounds more manageable.

I'll help where I can.

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I like it too.I was thinking

I like it too.
I was thinking about this too, although it probably wasn't such a coincidence - I saw this topic title a few times before I finally clicked it so that probably set off the idea.
It would a be a scholarly translation of the Bible, perhaps the left hand page being the text and the right hand page being various historical and sceptical notes.
There would also be a section at the end that compares quotes of the Bible to popular theological claims like the morality of Jesus, omnipotence of Gods.

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The Atheist Bible already

The Atheist Bible already exists. 

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Yeah. I didn't like 'The

Yeah. I didn't like 'The Atheist's Bible' as much as 'The Portable Atheist'.

The book list on the site doesn't even have all of the "handbooks" made over the years. One comprehensive book would be so large that an 18-wheeler would be needed to deliver it to your house.


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