A question over the Astrological Origins of Christianity

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A question over the Astrological Origins of Christianity

I get a little uneasy when things make too much sense, when conclusions just seem way too simple to believe.  After watching "The God that Wasn't there" I was floored when they made very interesting matches to astrology, specially when speaking of why Christmass is on the 25, why Jesus was in the tomb for three days, and several passages in the bible that allude to the zodiac, namely Torus, pieces, and aquarius (sp).

I've been looking around the net for any type of argument against this, or at least some type of debate.  I am not quite willing to believe this simply because it's just so mind boggling simple, but still smells a bit too much like a conspiracy theory.



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What I think makes the

What I think makes the argument even more compelling is the whole slew of "saviors" before Jesus who followed a very familiar astrological story for the same reasons.  Although everything isn't all nice and neat IMO.  For instance, why do we celebrate easter in the spring if the sun rises "from the dead" in December?

The problem is that the average (even the above average) xian knows very little about these other myths and the origin of the Jesus story.  Because of this I can't seem to find anyone capable of providing any evidence outside of their bronze age book of myths that Jesus was a real person.

There are very intelligent people out there who think that Jesus was a real person, Richard Dawkins for one.  So I'm still a little hesitant to jump fully on the "Jesus was  completely mythical" bandwagon.

I would put his existence at somewhere around a 10% probability based on my current knowledge.

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