The Desire to Controll others.

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The Desire to Controll others.

This is something I find disturbing, and commonly it manifests in an alternate personality that theists call God.  I feel that many cannot find a rational morality because it simply does not allow people to *think*  about their morality.  For me an act of free will (subjectively speaking, I don't believe that will comes from a super natural source) can be a moral absolute, or at least the closest one can come.  If an act is mutual and does not effect anyone else, then there is no need for a moral outrage.  Of course you can think of some people being upset by the action.  If a Woman falls in love with another woman, and their mothers are made upset by this, the mothers 'free' will hasn't being violated.  The mothers will is to control the mature daughters will, so the mothers will cannot be said to be 'free'.

One of the true crimes of supernatural thinking is that there is an essence beyond humanity that has some kind of agenda.  The truth is that life is very free, that it's meaning can be written for anyone.  I find it ironic that people also think that the natural world has an agenda as well, where the roots of religion begin.  That nature 'meant' a person to be a certain gender, that nature 'meant' for men and women to make as many babies as they could, or whatever mandate you want to assert.  The truth is that nature finds whatever way it can survive and takes it.  That insulting need to be absolutely certain has fed zealots ever since humans were able to string a few thoughts togeather, and as a result the desire to control others in order to assure that certainty that they have a handle on nature / supernature and that all must bow to the will of their certainty.


(Sometimes.. it just feels good to rant)