Check out my article on atheism for MTV

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Check out my article on atheism for MTV

Hi everyone, I work for MTV's Choose or Lose Street Team 2008 and I published a piece on my MTV site last week about atheism, and it's getting tons of attention from the general public.  It's also generating some controversy as well, so I'm inviting fellow atheists to read the piece, comment on it and rate it for its content.  Feel free to check out my other work on gay rights, libertarianism and youth voting.

Click here for the atheist story

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 Right one

 Right one evolvebeyondgod , Your ending pasted here rings bells. I often say deists were "safe" Atheists, and shit, even "Jesus" too, who wasn't safe enough ! ..... btw I had a band called Thomas Jefferson, what a cool gang the founding fathers were, brewers of booze and all ...... 

----------------------------------------------- your ending I shortened,

"A new study.... It says that 16% of the 35,000 people interviewed are not affiliated with any faith, though only 4% label themselves as atheist. 

.... most nonbelievers are reluctant to use the "A word" ...... so I'm ready to assume most of that 16% is atheist in all practical applications, which means up to 48 million Americans could be nonbelievers or atheist. 

This is a minority larger than senior citizens, blacks or homosexuals.  It is even larger than the entire United States hispanic population, which was 13.4% in 2002, according to census data.

It also suggests that if an atheist were to run for president, there could be a huge voting bloc of previously ignored voters, waiting for the opportunity to punch a ballot for a nonbeliever.  Will it ever happen? " 


YES, eventually, thanks to teachers like you, all the sooner.