A little help on this one

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A little help on this one

  I have no Idea how to attack this one:


    Atfirst he was using the watchmaker theory in basic sense of christianity, then he slipped off onto  finite vs. infinite. Not knowing much about the muslim faith I found myself like I dont know how to respond other than stating why cant the infinite be created if the finite can be created.

  if somebody cares to vid response I might learn something here.

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Attack these points:- Order

Attack these points:

- Order cannot come from disorder. (Not true in an open system)

- If something is limited, it must have been caused. (Unproven)

- Science depends on a principle of cause and effect. (Not true)

- What applies to things in the universe applies to the universe itself (Fallacy of Composition)

- Universal constants have a cause (Unproven)

Etc. I'm not going to go through the whole thing. It's a string of speculations and fallacies trying to come to a predetermined conclusion. I.e. it is classic rationalization.

Allah is assumed to be the controller of everything and is completely transcendent from the universe. That's basically what Islam's about. Somehow they try to say Muhammad had some infallible connection to Allah's word, which is where their dogma comes from. Those two ideas are all you need to know to start taking Islam apart.

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