The Nature of Reality: Physicalism

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The Nature of Reality: Physicalism

I just made a couple of new videos for YouTube. I would love some feedback, positive or negative, praise or critique, whatever they warrant.

The primary topic is derived from a fairly lame discussion going on in YT about 'objectivism' and what that means and whether it's true or not. I kind of got caught up in it and decided, fuck it. I'm going to just get to the heart of the issue: What is my stance on the nature of reality?

So, I present my take on physicalism. You may find some useful information about how to use this concept to deal with theists and other dualists who've got NOTHING to back up their claims . Physicalism is basically suped up materialism, drawing on all we've learned in physics and science. Check it out. Let me know if it's useful.

The Nature of Reality: Physicalism

Basics: Concepts, Words, Languages, Bridges

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I like it.  In a nutshell:

I like it.  In a nutshell: believe in that which has evidence.