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The anchors looked shocked when they read the results of the "quick vote" poll.

BE CAREFUL, the main homepage as only TWO quick vote options. Why the same poll American Morning is not also on CNNs home page with the same opitions is a bit concering.

Here is the link to American Morning and their poll.

Now, compare it to options on their "quick vote"

Why is the wording for the same poll different when they both link to the same article?

Mind you this will probably only be up today.









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I looked and the second poll

I looked and the second poll was all ready gone. My problem was that there was no not applicable button for those that weren't raised religious and kept their lack of faith. I guess we don't matter that much to give us an option.

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The CNN quick vote thing is

The CNN quick vote thing is about Starbucks being closed.

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If you  took statistics,

If you  took statistics, you would realize that internet polls are completely worthless. 

They have volunteer bias, so any sample is completely unrepresentative and is useless for making predictions about the population as a whole. Furthermore, the questions and answers proposed in the survey are biased  and ambiguous in their wordings.

The only thing that this poll says is that 57% of all people who visit "CNN morning" and who voted in the poll "called it quits". This is a totally worthless statistic.