Fishdontwalk have we decreated a creationist site?

On March 14th this year in the ninth episode of The Rational Response Squad radio show we hosted a creationist on our show named Bill Morgan who owns a website known as We brought Bill Morgan on the show because while in a discussion on a myspace Christian group someone posed Bills as an example of proof that evolution doesn't ocurr and that the answer to the problem of life is "god did it." With a brief look at Bills site we saw gaping holes and flaws, and knew right away that there was a ton of material to debunk. Yellow Number Five (Mike) got our science geeks on the case to debunk Fishdontwalk right away.

Here are some threads that examine and refute

YellowNumberFive and friends rip to shreds

About the first two laws of thermodynamics from Bob Spence

About the ozone hole from Bob Spence


At the completion of recording with Bill Morgan, owner and creator of we realized weren't able to touch on most of what we wanted to hit, so we asked Bill if he would join us again, he agreed. In the weeks that followed we tried to get Bill to do just that, reappear on our show. In a few emails exchanged Bill committed to several recording dates and backed out of them before we could record. Fish dont walk committed to record on June 3rd and then pulled out in an email on May 21st, as seen below. I don't have record of the email, but I believe I then committed to record on June 10th as he suggested it was a good day, and on June 9th (confirmation call) and 10th we called him to record and received no answer.

I didn't make a big deal about the no show, as I really wanted to get a second beat down on tape (yeah I said beat down, because that's what it was) and asked about recording on June 17, Bill Morgan told me they were having a soccer party (world cup season I think). He then (as you can see) asked me what other dates worked, I responded with some dates of availability and never received a return email. I wrote him back several weeks later asking what happened, and I never received a return email.

It may seem obvious to you why he didn't come back on the show, because we so easily pointed out the flaws in his site (kudos to Mike and Bob and the other geeks involved). Keep in mind though, that Bill Morgan exhibited a very high level of confidence in the show, he portrayed himself as a man who wasn't moved by anything we said, and that he was confident he could take virtually anyone in a debate. Yes, Bill lost, but he was incapable of admitting it, going as far as to give the appearance of the exact opposite. Today I was stunned to find another development in this saga. is not up and running. It is redirecting patrons to the host of the site, check it out for yourself:

Of course it could just be a minor error, although I doubt it. Bill Morgan owns the name until 2008, so why is the site down? Likely, the site will be back up within hours, and I'll look silly. Of course, if the site is back up, the question remains, why has Bill Morgan dodged us? After doing a little research, and popping "Bill Morgan" into google, I found a site from another gentlemen giving a similar experience of his dealings with Bill. Apparently he dialogued with Bill about creationism back in the late 90's only to watch Bill run away from the scene, change his email address, and go into hiding for about a year. Here is a description from the efforts of Dwise1:

A definite pattern soon emerged in our correspondence. Even though at first Bill was very talkative, when I demonstrated my knowledge of the creation/evolution issue, he suddenly became very reticent and tried to disengage as quickly and gracefully as possible. When that failed, he would just plain refuse to respond to most of my questions, would respond with one or two words lacking any context, or else would respond with a standard creationist "unanswerable" question. In contrast, I would answer most of his questions. All of his questions were meant to stump me, to stop or impede the discussion, and to prepare me for proselytization, whereas all of my questions were meant to be answerable, to elicit information, and to further the discussion. Indeed, Bill would usually pose one of his questions in an attempt to change the subject away from his having to support a claim. Towards the end, when I presented him with statistics of answered and unanswered questions, Bill had the audacity to claim that he had answered "100%" of my questions and that I had answered none of his, which anyone can plainly see is false. As usual, when presented with the facts and asked to support his own claim, Bill "Mr. 100%" Morgan ignored the question.

Now allow me to make a scathing logical deduction, not an assumption... a logical deduction. Bill Morgan is brainwashed and is predisposed to believing in God. He is unable and unwilling to accept the fact that he is wrong even when repeatedly being shown how untenable his beliefs are. He is the stereotypical example of close minded and his coping mechanism is to leave the scene of the crime to give his brain time to rejuvenate itself in a sea of irrationality. In his time away from being proven wrong he likely finds solace in things that prove him right, he finds solace in a community of people that are just as brainwashed as him, and he reinstills his beliefs, and thus the neverending cycle of a life wasted on faith and myth continues. While it appears that Bill has a pattern, and we're not the only ones to have shred his arguments. The Rational Response Squad will gladly take partial credit for decreating this creationist site. If Bill pops back in the future, he is still more than welcome to come back on our show and will be treated just as respectfully as he was treated in his first appearance. As a celebration we are offering his appearance on our show as a free download. Get it while it's hot. (right click save as)  


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one word...typical.

one word...typical.

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That's hilarious. It still

That's hilarious.

It still goes to uplinkearth. A phone number came up on a google search of name with website.

Atheist Books, purchases on Amazon support the Rational Response Squad server, which houses Celebrity Atheists.

"to give his brain time to

"to give his brain time to rejuvenate itself in a sea of irrationality."


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You know, I have two

You know, I have two sisters. They are both religious, and they are both extremely opposed to atheism. When it comes to their own holy book, they have very limited knowledge.

I have taken to pointing some things out periodically. When I do, they have a general tendancy to close their ears and, quite often, tell me to shut up and not to discuss it. They will not discuss matters of religion with me on the simple basis that I refuse to endorse their beliefs. On rare occasions, they might actually take to looking up the text I might cite and then come up with some weird justification for it.

An example. In the book of the Levi, "The Lord" commands the Leviticus priesthood that they must refrain from eating any four-legged insect with wings except for "crickets, locusts, and katydids". When I pointed this out to my sisters, they boldly proclaimed that "perhaps crickets only had four legs back then."

Of course, I promptly replied that, were this so, then the process of going from four-legged to six-legged would be called "evolution", but they denied it. In fact, there have been many cases where they even denied that their book says what it says.

I am become death, destroyer of worlds

Just an update,

Just an update, is still down. Smiling

Oh one more update, if you

Oh one more update, if you folks notice in the essay contest, we are looking for people to debunk creationistist sites. Here is why we want to do this...

Notice if you type "fishdontwalk" in the third site you get is us, debunking it.

Our site has google power and we can make it so that debunkings show up right next to the actual site in google searches, or at least on a similar level. So feel free to write those debunkings folks.

He's Back

 The site is back up and I have been in communication with Bill.  He claims to be eager for that second appearance:




Well, you know, Bill, ...  .  You made your pitch to me for a public debate.  And you offered me any venue I wanted.  And I accepted.  And as my venue I chose a written format.

 Do you know what your response was?  You should remember it.  You ran away. And I'm sure I reminded you of it more than once.  And do you remember what your response was each and every time?  You ran away. Excuse me, but do we see a pattern developing here?  Somebody actually responds to your call for a public debate and you run away.  You know, I've been on the Rational Responders site.  You appeared on their on-line show once and you promised that you would do so a second time.  However, you broke your promise with them.   Bill, do your promises mean anything at all?  




Sorry, but I'm getting hit by that overpowering stench of bullshit again.  As in your ignoring their repeated emails to arrange that second appearance.  I will let them know by posting on that forum thread: . 


Now to see whether he will follow through this time.

 BTW, his email address, as given on his site, is [email protected] .


Earlier this time around, I was able to finally, after about 13 years of his repeatedly choosing to post on each of his web sites that ozone layer claim that he had already known to be false before he ever first chose to post it, get him to remove that lie from his site.  Well, he said that he would, but it was still there yesterday.  Now the links are still there, but the text is gone.  Now to watch that he doesn't pull the standard creationist trick of retracting a claim that has proven indefensible only to pull it back out some time later when the heat has died down.



 I'm sorry to say the show

 I'm sorry to say the show is currently on hiatus.  Thanks for keeping tabs on our old buddy.

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Hmmm, funny site. 

Hmmm, funny site. 

Our revels now are ended. These our actors, | As I foretold you, were all spirits, and | Are melted into air, into thin air; | And, like the baseless fabric of this vision, | The cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces, | The solemn temples, the great globe itself, - Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve, | And, like this insubstantial pageant faded, | Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff | As dreams are made on, and our little life | Is rounded with a sleep. - Shakespeare