Fear and respect

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Parents often teach their children to respect them through fear and intimidation. They scream, "you will respect me" as they chase them around the room with a belt.

We have even created gods that demand respect in the same fashion. Fear of retribution supposedly leads to respect.

Truly, however, when someone fears you, they do not necessarily respect you. They may have respect for the power you seem to weld, but when the illusion breaks down, the respect is not there.

The idea that a child must "behave" in accordance with the dictatorial standards of the adults around them, is the problem. Children are taught that they must "respect their elders", but adults supposedly do not have to respect their children.

If you show, through actions and interactions, that you respect your kids, they will respect you for it. Force and coercion are unnecessary and barbaric methods of domination and control.

We must eliminate the idea that respect must be sought through the use of threats and violence. We should seek to respect each other and our difference of opinions and values. Respect our individuality.

However, as we live in a society that is run by a government that uses the institution of law to create a supposed "order", and seeks to control human behaviour through fear, there is little hope. So long as people uphold the tyrannical models of a bronze-age religion as a standard, they will be unable to see alternative possibilities.

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