Enemies of Reason - Richard Dawkins



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Great show. Thanks for

Great show. Thanks for sharing.

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Watching this now..

Watching this now.. wonderful stuff.

I had a friend who was always someone I liked personally. We got along well but later in her life she started dabbling in crystals and other shit. I didn't believe in any of it and really was annoyed that someone with such high scores in college would be so ignorant to follow witchcraft and other superstitions.

Needless to say we had a fight over the "full moon" superstition that when a full moon comes out there are high crime and more violence. She claimed that ER nurses and police claimed that on an evening of full moons people go whacko.

I printed out studies which show that the moon has no effect on the human body in the sense that she seems to think that humans are "pulled apart" and our bodies are 85% water so look at what happens with the "high tide low tides". blah blah blah...

Superstitions are such because they are SUPERSTITIONS and people don't seem to get that.... it's like, "hello, you just said you believed in such-and-such superstition. IT'S A FUCKING SUPERSITION!!! why do you believe in it?"




I remember back twenty-five years ago my parents had a dowser come to our house so we could find a new location to put the pump for the well.

He came out to the house with to L shaped tools. One set was copper and the other set was (I believe aluminum). He proceeded to walk around the backyard until he found three spots which he ranked 1-3 for "strength".

I was around fourteen and full of vinegar for people like this, so I wandered out to the backyard were my mother started to tell  me about how amazing and skilled this guy was; I frowned in disbelief.

She introduced me to the guy who looked at me like "ah some young kid to convince" so he put the rods in my hands and told me to hold them loosely, but level.

As I walked the rods moved back and forth but I never got the same results that he got. So he asked, "Do you smoke"? I replied, "No". Then he asked, "Do you chew tobacco?". I replied "No". He then said, "Well it must be because you don't believe in it".

I laughed.

When he and my mother looked at me with dismissively, I told him, "Look sir. We live in Florida, Central Florida. You can dig in literally any location, go down about 50ft and hit water. Besides, we are about 50 yards from a lake (my parent's lived on a big lake) and the ground is saturated with water."

He replied, "That might be true, but I found an underwater river which will provide more pressure and water for the system."

"Sir, the pump will provide the water pressure and in Florida the aquifer is limestone. Once you get in to it you find pretty much water 100% of the time, depending on the rain. Underground rivers are a misnomer and I seriously doubt you hit a cavity of water."

But you couldn't convince my mom that he was wrong. To this day the pump still sits in the same spot pumping out water, but I guarantee you that if you moved it 100 ft in any direction you would still get water from it.



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We bought (and later sold before developing) a few acres in central Washington state.  Totally different geology.  Layers of basalt and lakes of water between them.  Water is available almost anywhere, but you may have to go 200-600 feet to hit it.  My husband very carefully determined how many feet from the power lines a single drop could be strung to the well house.  Drew an arc on the ground and chose the point farthest from the road - "dig here."  We had the well drilled and it was a little deeper than the neighbors (I think about 240 feet) but had a lot more water.  So just figuring out where is the least expensive place to string power is another way to find water. 


-- I feel so much better since I stopped trying to believe.

"We are entitled to our own opinions. We're not entitled to our own facts"- Al Franken

"If death isn't sweet oblivion, I will be severely disappointed" - Ruth M.

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Ask Steve Jobs...

Watching the second part now about "alternative medicine" and I have had several people who are dealing with cancer who have searched for alternatives.

When asked about what I thought about these different treatments I replied, "Ask Steve Jobs how it went for him..."


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The video has some strange

The video has some strange effects which causes me to lose focus. There is like a warping and wobbling, some times in the background but not in the foreground. During the pan and scan, there is a stretching.





The music selection at the end of Part 2 is quite fitting.