Does 'why do you believe' = 'how did it happen'?

Why do you have the belief something must have designed us. This is not how it happened or why would call such a thing god, but why you belief any kind of god like figure, including aliens, must exist in order for us to exist.

After an hour of trying to figure out why someone believed in ID I finally got to a question he didn't appear to not understand. Yes I used a double negative there but that describes it better. When I asked him why he believed in ID he said he didn't know how it happened. After about 5 time of me trying to re-state the question and clarifying I started narrowing the question and adding things like "including aliens". Yeah that one was new to me... one of his answers was god could have been alien.

After all of this the answer to the question I quoted up there was "So why is there no reason for us being here."

I think I lost a brain cell with that responses...

When I said that the question makes no sense because he was asking me for a reason there would be no reason he said something about how that means we'll never know how to make X-men.

I wasn't even sure how to respond to this. I mean come on...

After I collected myself I told him "Well at least you stick to your argument" I think now I should have added "no matter how absurd..."

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I have had so many arguments with people who cannot accept that I reject their ideological standards and mythological beliefs. I once had an argument with a man who came up to me one day out of the clear blue and stated, "you must believe me, I believe there is a god!". I told him affirmatively that I believed that he believed there was a god, to which he responded that belief automatically entailed that it was true.

I told him that applying the term "believe" to something did not validate the thing as "true", but he persisted. Thus, I provided an example by holding up an item that was clearly blue and declaring that I believed it to be red. He laughed and said that I must be delusional.

Yet he remained oblivious to the falliciousness of his own statement.

There is an old saying that even the most intelligent person will be made a fool if he argues too long with idiots. I tend to think that is an understatement.

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