Degree in Freethinking?

Is there such a thing? or something that might as well be called it?

Basically I want to have the knowledge of Freethinking and be able to show someone a piece of paper saying I do.

I think this would include some of the following areas:
- Philosophy: Basics, Logic, other courses my school probably doesn't have
- Theology: Basic Ideas, Main Religions, History
- Psychology/Sociology
- Biology and other sciences that would be used to back up claims

I pretty much want to become a power house in argument and wealth of information on the subject(s), although I would still need the degree that brings home the bacon. ANY critics and/or suggestions are not only ok, but encouraged.

Philosophy would be about as

Philosophy would be about as close as you're gonna get.

We've brainstormed some ideas for this site in terms of teaching debate tactics, flaws in religion, logical fallacies, etc but we're not there yet. Zero has looked into technology that would allow people to have video net meetings and attend class right from this site. We'd even look into getting official and being able to offer degrees, but I'm not a proponent of this (I can be convinced), this is all Zeros' idea. We'd have famous teachers such as Richard Carrier, Infidel Guy, maybe other core RRS members, maybe even YOU after you get the philosophy degree. Eye-wink

These ideas are just what we ponder when we discuss future long term potential for this site.

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