Defiance and deviance

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People cannot stand defiance. When someone is in a position of considered authority, and issues a decree, those who actively defy such decree are considered to be trouble-makers and problems.

Thus it is that those who are defiant inevitably are considered to be moral deviants. To defy from a subscribed standard is to deviate from the established norms.

This is particularly true in the modern era when speaking of sexuality. Sexual minorities are often referred to as deviants. Yet, in light of an overtly-oppressive dominating theology and legislative demands, oft times those who become part of a sexual minority are simply acting defiantly against domination and control. In effect, they are rebelling.

Historically, deviants were anyone that defied the Christian church in Europe. Those who opposed Hiler's regime in Germany were considered deviants at the time. Those who defied Stalin and rebelled against communism were considered moral deviants in the U.S.S.R., while those who supported communism in the U.S. were considered deviants here.

Properly acted defiance has lead to all manner of social change, and yesterday's deviants become tomorrows established norms. We can see this happening even today.

Perhaps, then, those who complain about "deviants" should look back and see if, at some point, such a term could not have been applied towards themselves. Effectively, we are all perverts and deviants, except were we are able to establish ourselves as part of a standard were such terms become inapplicable.

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