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Nothing ruins a perfectly good night than when a friend calls your activism for secular causes a religion. I was out tonight having a good time with a couple of friends of mine when they both decided to attack the Rational Response Squad and me as being a religious extremist group that is no different than the christian right (they started it). I argued over and over about the fallacies of this argument but to no avail, because as far as their views go, they do not realize that we are not a religion but a group focused on bringing about the realization that religion and belief in god (faith) needs to be held up to the same standards of scrutiny as everything else. They did not buy that argument. They proceeded to use the old " you can't disprove a god" argument in which I replied that you cannot disprove the existence of zeus. Their reply to that was, "you are being illogical, why are you trying to change the subject?" There is nothing more annoying than trying to convince your friends that the basis of their argument is flawed. It is like banging your head on the wall, and because I was outnumbered they were trying to paint me as an extremist looney. And...this is coming from my friends. It is times like this that I feel as if it's a lost cause. it just sucks that this society is so entrenched in this belief that we have to respect other's order to maintain a status quo. ah fuck it..I'm going to bed.

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I know where you're coming from

I get into every friday night with my friends. They haven't accused atheism of being a religion yet, but still it is frustrating. They can't face the argument rationally so we always either go in circles, or they attempt a pesonal attack. I get them cornered, they give up and change the subject. I think I am getting through to them, although it has been slow and painful. I think the best strategy I have come up with is parody. Most people have been frightened since youth to believe (insert religion here) so it is hard and frightening pyschologically for them to consider other options, no matter how obvious. I think we are just a little ahead of the curve, and barring a return to the dark ages, one day rational thinking will be more common.