Crazy Christian, Reason is for the Rational!

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Call them on their bull.

I really am sorry if I offended anyone -- rereading my post, I see that I come across as a bit of an ass -- I dont mean to. I have questions because it is important to me to understand your faith. I DO NOT HATE CHRISTIANS -- my family is devout Roman Catholic, and I taught confirmation at St. Dennis in Diamond Bar, CA for 2 years (no bs -- ask around), I simply don't understand -- disregarding textual arguments -- Why does Satan need minions? Don't people choose evil of their own free will? I thought that this was the whole point of free will -- people choosing the hard right over the easy wrong. Why does evil need a facilitator? I understand Lucifer was cast out of heaven, but what kind of punnishment is being made LORD of the Damned? It is infamy, but it is still a leadership role.

What is Satan's job, if people choose evil anyway?


Catholicism is the way of confusion and religion
not truth and a Realationship with Christ
Im a ex.Catholic - 13 years
also a Ex.Skeptic - 4 years

with experience in the occult
I now have a Relationship with God - 3 1/2 years
lets just say I have alot of hands on experience
my best freind got possessed in my house, and I was attacked several times by demons one time was almost deadly



I don't even know how to respond to this...if you witnessed an actual demonic attack and can prove it, then I recommend you contact James Randi and claim your million dollar prize, and donate it all to your church. James "the amazing" Randi, the world's foremost Skeptic, offers a million dollar prize to anyone who can demonstrate any supernatural phenomina whatsoever. Since you seem so sure of the existence of demons, you should be able to back that claim up easily with some proof. Possession was a misdiagnosis of legitimate diseases like epilepsy, tuerettes, and lead poisoning -- notice the sharp decline in possession cases as we crawled into the age of reason. I can't remember reading about a legitimate possession case in which a psych evaluation or a CT scan was done, and nothing was found.

Stop bashing Catholocism -- if it weren't for the catholic church (and Constantine) you would never have heared of Jesus of Nazareth, and would be a pagan just like your ancestors were. There are a lot of very moral, decent Catholics in this world who have personal relationships with god, just like you, and they don't waste time bashing non-denominationals like you.

As to your 'experience' with the occult -- I've read the Necronomicon too, and have screwed around with the Tarot (invented in my family's region in Northern Italy) and runes. Sitting in your buddy's garage at 15 years old, pretending that all of that hibity-jibity does anything is tantamount to a self-induced hallucination. You were never a 'skeptic' -- you just had a gap in your hallucination due to a reasonable questioning of your faith. My friend Pastor Joel Shultanus in Pomona tells me that doubt and questions lead the faithful closer to their faith, giving them a deeper understanding of their beliefs -- in your case, I guess it just took 4 or so years, right?

There are plenty of very reasonable Christian Theists that have a very rational grasp on the material world around them -- and then there are people like you who need an addle dosage of Trazidone and Seroquil to beat back the hallucinations. You make outrageous claims, offer no evidence, and then attack the good Catholic Christians and mock their institution and understanding of the Word of God -- and you are saved? You have a personal relationship with god? You are a liar, or you are mentally ill -- you write in confusion and pride in vaguearies and non-sequitors. You don't even sound like you believe it yourself.

I have no problem with the postulation of god -- indeed, I have no proof that it does not exist, and if I ever saw a real demon while of sound mind, I would be a fool to deny the existence of the supernatural. You believe? No problem; that is your perogative. Just don't start claiming to be Van Helsing, battling the minions of evil with your silver bullets and crosses -- that is not faith, that is a fairy-tale. You need help, and you need to reconcile whatever trauma (and I am certain that there is some) in your past/childhood has brought you to this juncture. In Salem, all of the townspeople, all of the 'victims', all of the judges and juries, and, indeed, all of the accused believed that there were witches amongst them, WHEN THERE WERE NONE AT ALL. This is the kind of group hysteria that men like Jim Jones (look it up) and Charlie Manson used to manipulate, exploit, and kill people. Brother, you scare the rational Christians just as much (possibly more) than you scare me. The difference is, they will not tell you this, because it compromises their overlapping belief system, and sheds light on just how crazy faith can make a person -- if I am completely wrong, then after experiencing the presence of a Damned Angel, your life must be terrifying.

Good luck, and may the light of reason, be it god or otherwise, find you and make you whole.