Catholic Priest Passes

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A priest from my old family church passed away a while back but I just learned recently that he did so.

I'm glad he is dead. He was a child molesting son of a bitch. Hidden in the protection of the shadows formed by the catholic church, this guy was creepy with a capital c

I first experienced his advances after a wedding when I was an altar boy.

I had gone to the catholic school and joined being an altar boy duing school one day. I did all the bullshit dogma and would do weddings because we would get like $10 or $20 for the mass.

After the wedding I was waiting for my parents to pick me up and he sat down with me in the pews

He started to talk to me about what I was going to do when I got older and I was a kid (around 9 or 10), what the fuck did I know

He pressed about being a priest and I said no thanks and he pressed more.

He put his hands on my shoulder then on my hip then on my knees

I got creeped out and got up. He tried to calm me down but I had enough of the shit

He told me that we should go back to his office to talk

I wouldn't have any of it.

I told him that I had to go out to the front and wait for my parents

As I went for the front door he told me that everything was alright, not to worry, nothing happened.

Later I found out through various rumors of the other altar boys that one of the other guys had been drinking wine with one of the other priests.

Apparently there were multiple molesting priests?

I quit being an altar boy shortly afterwards.

I heard from one of the guys that the other altar boy was having favors with the priest. Apparently getting special attention.

There was a running joke among the guys, but I never caught on to it until much later.

Now, forty years later, the pieces of the puzzle lay scattered in my mind with out a conclusion.

How many of these fuckers are still floating around in the catholic church and how many thousands of kids are being molested?

why does the church protect these people? why do they allow the believers to be abused?

I'm over it, but that is what life is, we are abused daily. Some abuse is physical, some mental, some verbal. Our government does it. Their government does it. Corporations do it.

It never seems to end