Calm down and stop stressing

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Getting along with others can be very difficult.

On any subject that an opinion is held, those who hold different opinions cannot fathom why anyone would even begin to think differently. There is an essential feeling of wrongness to opposing viewpoints.

Moreover, even people who hold identical views can often find themselves in a position where they are simply tired of being around each other. They grow tired of other voices impeding on their thoughts.

Yet, humans have always lived in groups, from prehistoric times onward. Thus it seems rather disconcerting for us to not want other people around.

Our brains send signals between neurons with chemical electric jolts at an extensive rate. Constant feedback from the nervous system takes up a vast portion of the brains activity. The formulation of new thoughts and ideas and the assimilation of data takes place in the frontal lobe. Invariably, the brain needs to “reset” various functions in order to maintain stability.

In other words, everybody needs a little privacy.

So give yourself an hour out of every day to calm the mental noise in your head. Perhaps then you will find it easier to deal with other people on a routine basis. Stress-reduction is relatively easy to accomplish.

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